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Student Life


From the very establishment of South Haven in 2002 chess was a major student life focus. Michael Allen, the chairman, knew chess to be mentally captivating and fostered discipline of the mind. The school went on in 2006 to take the prestigious inter school chess championship winning in every category taking home the Roland Rose Chess Trophy. Chess continues to be a game played and loved by South Haven students.


Chess in the early years


The team that broght the Roland Rose trophy home in 2006 – Dominic Cartwright, Morgan Worrell and Ryan and Renaldo Cartwright


Chess continues to be loved and played at South Haven. Our present seventh graders were captured playing recently.


Music is one of the centerpieces of South Haven. All our students from grade 3 are required to play a musical instrument. Like chess it was chosen as one of those skills that enhances and enriches the life of the student. The Royal Academy School of Music exams are taken annually and aids the progress of the students. By the time students enter high school usually they are all playing in the Eagle Ray Concert Band. Recitals, concerts and performing at events are an exciting part of the student life at South Haven.


South haven offers four different bands –the recorders,  beginners, intermediate and The Eagle Ray Band. From the third grade students chose a woodwind instrument of their choice. Students are assisted in their choice by the music instructor. Students perform at different levels, allowing all students to experience the thrill of performance.


The Eagle Ray Band

Students achieving a pass in the grade one practical examination are admitted into the Eagle Ray Band.  The band meets every Tuesday during school hours.



Our elementary division is its own choir. Mrs. Chara Miller-Jones, along with our team of gifted performing facilitators prepare our elementary school for performances during the school year, most notably at our annual Christmas recital. Mrs. Miller Jones is the premier vocal specialist on the island.


Private Lessons

Students can take private lessons in piano, brass and woodwind. Our principle music teacher is Mr. Nathan Lightbourne, who is the conductor and leader of the nation’s National Orchestra. Students are encouraged to take the ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music) examinations each year. After the covid pandemic students are now allowed to take examinations throughout the year. Exam performances are recorded and forwarded to the examiners.  We have found over the years that students that put in the extra effort advance at a more rapid pace. Parents are encouraged to have students take additional music lessons.

Recitals and Concerts

The highlight of performing groups is the Christmas concert and the graduation     awards ceremony. Some years we have had an East meets West event where the music program combined with the karate program to create a unique and fun event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Students were able to show off their achievements in karate as well as in music.

Sibling duets

Sibling duets


school band getting ready to play at Mrs. Evans's wedding in 2005

Dress Up Theme Days

Crazy Hat, Crazy Sock, Twin Day, Pajama Day, 100 Day and Bible Character Day

South Haven students know that there is always a special event brewing around the corner. Whether it is Conference Friday morning with doughnuts or one of those many special events built into the calendar there is always fun in the making. For over 20 years we have built a great deal of fun into our program. We know that children who work hard must also play hard. These special events allow students to have great fun with their peers. For pajama day all their favorite fuzzy animals and pillows are allowed and occasionally they would have a late night with and movie and food. Twin day allows for coordination and creativity and suddenly twins expand into quintuplets. These events have fostered fond memories amongst students that have passed on and will likely still be in place when their children come along.

Dramatic Arts & Communication

Show and Tell

Beginning as early as kindergarten, South Haven has built into its program opportunities for students to effectively express themselves and become effective communicators.  One of the high points of the kindergarten and elementary departments is the weekly Show and Tell. Students are encouraged to make presentations to teachers and their peers about objects or things that interest them. All students are encouraged to develop confidence speaking in front of their peers in a classroom setting.


Speech is one of the highlights of the High School years. For a full semester high school students are taken through the speech curriculum. Impromptu and planned speeches along with dramatic enactments and play acting helps students to develop poise and confidence in the public speaking arena. It is pure delight to see the personalities of students blossom as they discover their own unique abilities.


This development is aided by presentations built into the science and history curriculums where students are graded and required to make presentations on various topics. They are encouraged to think and formulate opinions as a part.

High School Current Events

High School Current Events have been a mainstay at the school for the past 20 years. At least three times during the semester High schoolers participate in discussions with a Christian apologetic (a person trained to give answers from a biblical perspective). Professionals trained in thinking and articulation visit and engage students in discussions about issues of the day. This event is considered crucial by the institution as part of the development of a meaningful Christian worldview.


In addition to what South Haven students learn in Bible class, they also are encouraged spiritually in chapel services. A chapel service is built into each quarter and a special speaker is usually invited to speak. Students perform with songs and verse recitations. Chapels give students an opportunity to perform speech, music, and drama in front of peers and parents.


Karate as well as Physical Education are the two mainstays of the South Haven athletics program. In P.E. students are exposed to the full gamut of sporting activities including basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and track and field. Parents take advantage of many local opportunities to engage their children in swimming and swimming trophies adorn the showcase at the school. Many of our students are part of local soccer clubs and several have been proud members of national women's and men's soccer teams.

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