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High School
Graduation Requirements

Twenty  four (24) credits are required for graduation.

  • 4.0 Bible credits

  • 4.0 English credits

  • 4.0 Math credits

  • 3.0 Science credits

  • 1.0 Spanish

  • 3.5 History credits

  • 1.0 Performing Arts credit

  • 1.0 Physical Education credits

  • 2.5 Electives

In addition to the above credits, students have the option of taking the national examinations, BJC (Bahamas Junior Certificate) exams and the BGCSE (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education).  Honours classes are offered in Physics, Spanish 2, Algebra 2, Plane Geometry and Pre-Calculus. Students are required to pass the pre-requisite subjects, usually the first level before they qualify for honours classes.


Grading Code is as reflected in the chart attached here. GPA is computed using the below quality points. Beginning at grade 9, all subjects whether passed or failed, are included in the computation.  Honours courses are weighted by .5 points.  


All students are required to take physical education each quarter and all students are required to take music and play a musical instrument.  

We do not apply a class ranking system.

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