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  • Kindergarten – (K4/K5 Program)
    The small South Haven K classroom is a wonderful training ground for the cultivation of great students. Trained DVD Master teachers draw students into an exciting fun world where their little minds are trained to absorb, formulate and create. Our warm bodied teacher helps in the training process and is there to answer questions and guide them through this fun learning adventure. The day starts with bible time and students are early introduced to Bible stories, praise songs and scripture memorization. Strong emphasis is placed on individual value and worth founded in the Great Creator God who loves each one. In K5 they learn to read and write by themselves. Benefitting from Abeka Academy’s skilled Master teachers we have found over our 20 years of experience that our students successfully compete against and oftentimes exceed their online classmates. Beginning with letter sounds, they progress to reading words, sentences, and stories in their own reading books. Each day their vocabulary and language skills are enhanced while they learn about animals, famous people, and faraway countries. Learning to recognize and understand number concepts are also part of the kindergarten program. Students learn to count from 1 to 100, distinguish before- and after-numbers, and solve simple combinations. Daily games and activities are included within each subject – the South Haven kindergarten classroom is a controlled, exciting and sometimes noisy fun place. The curriculum integrates sensory activity which strengthens fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, and audial and visual perception. The dress up box, and other fun activities are included. Our students learn poetry, art and drama and all have recorders for an early introduction to music. We have a robust karate program which helps with many developmental skills. We are really pleased with our phonetic reading program. Our children are taught to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet and are usually reading within months. They can literally break down and sound out any word they encounter. They also develop writing and arithmetic skills, learning to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100 and other arithmetic processes. They graduate from K5 in May at the school’s graduation and closing exercises. Children turning four by January 1 are eligible for K4; children turning five by January 1 are eligible for K5.
  • Elementary (Grades 1-6)
    One of the great things we love about the Abeka curriculum is that the program is integrated so they encounter many of the same principles across subjects. The genius of The Creator is seen in the complexity of his world and in the great innovations of man. In the elementary years they continue to build on an excellent kindergarten reading foundation. They learn and review the fundamentals of phonics and in addition to the Abeka reading books we are continually sourcing Bahamian reading materials so they understand their own country and culture. Bahamian social studies is integrated in the program and projects throughout the elementary years keep them focused on local personalities and events. Reading skills are strengthened through activity time, science, history and health. Critical thinking is encouraged in practical subjects such as math, language arts and Bible. At South Haven we are family. Strong relationships are developed through play time and breaks and extracurricular activities. All students play a woodwind musical instrument from grade three – moving through the ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music) examinations – all striving to participate in the school’s prestigious Eagle Ray Concert Band. They participate in an active karate program moving them systematically through the various colors. South Haven has had its own black belts. They also participate in Physical Education where they are cycled through the various sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports. The high point of the year is the annual Sports Day which includes an Academic Bowl component. Competition between the Pacific and Atlantic team has been historically fierce – with chants and drums echoing through the expansive camp grounds. Bible continues to be a high point during the elementary years. Bible conference time in the morning is an exciting time. Each facilitator take turns leading the teaching session, communicating their own enthusiasm for God and His Word to the students. We have seen great love for The Lord and His word developed in our students over the years. They are encouraged to apply biblical principles that they learn to every area of their lives – at school, at home, amongst family and friends.
  • High School – A College Prep Program
    At South Haven we have chosen to continue with the Abeka High School Curriculum through the High School years (grades 7-12). We have found that the Abeka College Prep curriculum allows our students to make the transition to College with ease. The academic program is rigorous and trains them to be independent learners and producers. They are trained to think ahead, plan and execute. In grades 10 through 12 in addition to the abeka curriculum we tutor our students to take at least 5 BGCSE subjects. Our tutors are experts in their various subject areas and students go through intense preparation for the local examinations, usually over a two year period. Success in the local exams enables them to successfully access the benefits of the local tertiary education system, if they so chose. At the high school level they focus on core subject skills supplemented by practical elective courses. They are trained extensively in grammar, literature, and composition, along with honors courses in math, science and foreign languages. In addition to taking the local examinations, students are also encouraged to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT assessments. Also our students have traditionally been involved in the Technical Cadet Programs. In addition to dealing with a pretty challenging course of study most if not all of our high school students are in The Eagle Ray Band – having gone through many years of music study and performance. When they arrive at College they are usually able to join University orchestras and bands, enhancing their College experience. All our students are taught the great game of chess and the school has competed successfully in many chess tournaments over the years. Our High School students are unique. They tend to be poised, transition well into tertiary level education, have a decided Christian world view, and are a great blessing to their families and communities. Visit our Graduates page to meet some of them.
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