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About Our School

Situated on 23 acres of campgrounds in Nassau, Bahamas, South Haven Christian Academy is an educational institution committed to providing high quality reasonably cost education to its students.  Established in 2002 as a non-profit company, the Academy registered with the Bahamas Ministry of Education.


South Haven Christian Academy spans grades K4 to grade 12. The Academy’s facilities are currently designed to accommodate up to 60 students with approximately 5 in each grade level. The Academy opened its doors in 2002.  The Academy graduated its first twelfth grade student in 2007. Other students have subsequently qualified to graduate with the majority having being admitted into college level programs.


South Haven Christian Academy High School (grades 9 to 12) offers a program of study based on a credit hour system.  A full complement of elective courses is also offered to suit the academic interests of the student.

Focus on Development

  • Intellectual Development 

  • Spiritual Development

  • Emotional Development

  • Social Development

  • Physical Development

  • Skills Development

  • Maintaining a controlled environment


Guiding Principles

South Haven Christian Academy exists for the purpose of assisting persons who are in authority over children in the training of their children for life and eternity by encouraging proper parenting and imparting to children wisdom, knowledge and skill, enabling them to live a godly life as God intended men and women to live.


South Haven Christian Academy is committed to:

  1. Modeling truth, beauty, order and excellence which is the character of God

  2. Providing persons in authority over children with principles and tools to assist in the godly rearing of children. 

  3. Directing children towards the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ His son.

  4. Training children in the way of wisdom to enable them to live a meaningful and productive life in favor with God and men.

  5. Promoting Biblical truth as the authoritative declaration of what is essential for a meaningful life and for a blessed eternity; 

  6. Encouraging students to pursue Academic excellence;

  7. Fostering social maturity, which is the ability to function effectively within society;

  8. Sensitizing students towards an awareness of the social needs and environmental issues affecting Bahamian society and the world;

  9. Creating a physical environment designed to facilitate development;

  10. Making Christian Education reasonably affordable.


The objective of a South Haven Christian Academy education is to produce individuals who are of sound Christian character, knowledgeable, able to clearly express themselves, committed to the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, possessing a Christian world view and capable of making decisions which secure their personal welfare and the good of society.


The fundamental principle of our philosophy of education is that knowledge, skill in academics and all ability originate with God who is the source of all wisdom  (Dan 1:17 and Dan 2:20-22). Wisdom is the skill to live a godly life as God intended. God by His Spirit has revealed Himself to mankind through the wonder of nature, the Revelation of Holy Scripture, and the Person of Jesus Christ.   Man will realise his full potential only when every aspect of his being is developed in a manner consistent with God’s standard of development. South Haven’s methodology of training is characteristically traditional and Christian in nature, with the recognition of a need to create a controlled environment within which to guide the Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical growth of its students.


  • Spiritual Growth is an on-going process of increasing in the knowledge of God. It is encouraged by (i) teaching about God from Holy Scripture, (ii) explaining and modelling Biblical principles which form the basis for proper behaviour and are useful for interpreting life’s experiences, (iii) studying the lives of godly men of historical note (iv) giving students occasions to reflect on spiritual matters such as God, Life, Death, Eternity, Heaven, Hell and the Intangible Nature of Man or (v) providing opportunities for students to share and practice their faith.


  • Intellectual Growth is encouraged by requiring the acquisition of knowledge through the discipline of memorisation and reinforcement and/or by a teacher directed process of discovery, followed by the application of that knowledge to real life situations  (Num. 15:38-41; John 16:13-15 ).


  • Social Growth is encouraged by requiring students to observe group standards of conduct, by requiring proper social behaviour and attitudes and by adult authority figures setting an example for proper behaviour and social attitudes.  (I Tim. 4:11-12)


  • Emotional Growth is facilitated by directing students to guard their minds such that they are preoccupied in thought with those things which are positive in nature and by creating relationships for the student which are affirming and unconditional in their acceptance of the personal worth of each individual student. (Phil 4:6-8 ;I Cor.8:1)


  • Physical Development is encouraged by requiring the exercise of the physical body. It also involves the discipline of training for and participation in organized recreational activity. (1 Cor. 6:19,20 ; 9:24-27) 


  • The Controlled Environment is an environment that is physically secure for each child and by its nature is designed to protect the body mind and spirit of each child from harmful influences and/or neutralise the effects of harmful influences on the student during the course of development. (Deut. 32: 9-14) It is also designed to encourage maximum achievement in learning and development.

* South Haven students are encouraged to be avid readers, preoccupied with constructive recreation and mastering a musical instrument as opposed to a preoccupation with aimless social interaction and the popular media culture.

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