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Dr. Athena Bain

2008 graduate

Dr. Athena Bain was our 2008 graduate, along with Rachel Johnson. Dr. Bain is presently at the University of Massachusetts pursuing a specialist degree in surgical sciences, looking to attend Tulane University, the comprehensive research university in New Orleans later this year. Dr. Bain, always a high achiever, maintained a 4.0 average during her years at South Haven. She attended Taylor University in Indiana and then on to the University of the West Indies where she received her Bachelor of Medical and Surgical Sciences. She did her internship at the Princess Margaret Hospital for three years and then served as Senior Health Officer in the Surgical Department before heading off to do specialist training abroad. This vibrant young woman was caught visiting at home for a short week. She was optimistic about the future and plans to return home after further specialist training.

Photos of Athena's South Haven Years

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