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We're Small but mighty

We're a small school but our students are active in every sport - from swimming to soccer to baseball to track and field

We have produced athletes in every sphere - We have produced swim champions, karate black belts and it is a tradition to have our students playing on the National Soccer teams and coming under the eyes of scouts for baseball scholarships Why?

It is because we produce active, wholesome students that our parents can get behind and cultivate

2017 graduate - Michael Butler - 2022 Golden Glove Winner
'Perfecting the art of soccer'


His advice to young men and women with an interest in soccer, "if you want to do, do it. Whether it's football or whatever you want to play. Do it 100% because you don't know where it can take you. Just like the scripture says in 1 Corinthians 10:1, 'therefore whether you eat, you drink, whatever you do do it to the honour and glory of God, " expressed Michael in a recent online article featuring him
(for entire article online (link)

2017 graduate - Michael Butler - Golden Glove Winner

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Karate has been a mainstay of our athletic program. In place since the inception of the school we have produced two blackbelts and belts of every color. Our philosphy - our students are to be strong in body and mind with a sentivity to beauty and all things true and good. Karate classes are built into the main curriculum and takes place each week

   Physical Education

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  • track & field

  • volley ball

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